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If Facing Legal Trouble, You Need the Right Attorney 

Being accused of something is a stressful and difficult experience. You need an attorney to fight for you, tell your side of the story, advise you, and to stand up for your rights. You cannot do this alone. If facing criminal charges in Orange County or Los Angeles, California, it is vital to seek out Klugman Law PC. Attorney Adam Klugman has 18 years of practice experience in criminal law, domestic violence and driving under the influence charges. He is known by clients and colleagues for his skill and compassion. 

Skilled Legal Representation In Criminal Defense, DUI Defense and Domestic Violence

Although every case is different, our aim remains the same: to secure the best outcome possible for the client. We want to protect your freedom and will fight for you, no matter what. Nobody wants to be charged with a crime. No matter how bleak things look, we will have your back and be with you every step of the way. We are just a call away.

Former Prosecutor

Adam Klugman is a former prosecutor, giving his clients a decided advantage in facing their tough legal challenges. As a criminal defense lawyer fighting for his clients, Adam Klugman draws heavily from this experience.  Adam built cases and worked with police officers and detectives during his time as a prosecutor. He has established connections deep into the criminal justice system. This gives Klugman Law PC's clients an advantage in getting the best outcome possible.  

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When someone is arrested or charged with a crime in Orange County, an experienced, thorough, and aggressive criminal defense attorney is essential. Proceeding without experienced legal counsel can literally ruin a person's life. Thankfully, Klugman Law PC will be there every step of the way with you. Every case and every client is different, but the mission of Klugman Law PC is simple: to fight for the best outcome possible for you. We will advise you and be straight with you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case. 

If the state filed a case against you with weak evidence, we will call them out and fight it. If the police did not follow proper legal procedure when they searched or arrested you, we will file a motion to get the evidence against you thrown out. Our courts and laws constantly redefine what the police can and cannot do when they stop you or arrest you. You need a dynamic and creative attorney who will use these changes to your advantage.



  • A Recommends Adam Klugman

    Every time someone asks me about the lawyer I used for my case I can't help but rave about Adam. Since I was coming from out of town, Adam was able to attend my court dates for me until it was necessary I was present which was a great help. Every question I had he was always there to answer it el... Read On

  • H Recommends Adam Klugman

    I would give 10 stars if I can. Adam helped me out with my criminal case that was pending. He got the case dismissed for me before going to the court. He was very nice and answered every call and text and all the questions that I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has worries about a... Read On

  • Life begins again after case is dismissed!

    After getting arrested on both felony and misdemeanor charges I can't explain to you the fear and guilt my body was engulfed with. Lost and having no idea where to turn I realized quickly that hiring an attorney was going to become a reality for me. After speaking to a few people and not getting ... Read On

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Klugman Law PC focuses on Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, DUI, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Marijuana, or Prescription Drugs, Drug Defense, Weapons Defense, Domestic Violence, Felony Strike and Violent Offenses, Restraining Orders, Civil Harassment Restraining Orders- Plaintiff and Defense, Post-Conviction Relief for Immigration Purposes, Theft, Trespassing, and Vandalism. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Adam Klugman gives his clients a unique advantage.

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Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Adam Klugman is dedicated to representing you in domestic violence matters or other legal issues in California.

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